Recently, PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg) - considered as the YouTube King - has reached the number of subscribers up to 91 million during his battle against T-Series - a channel of a Bollywood label. However, his next goal for subscription can hardly ever come to reality.

After announcing his race to 100 million subscription with T-Series back in the beginning of March, PewDiePie appears to have backpedaled on the race. He even admitted defeat on the 30th of March in the latest episode of “Last Week I Ask You”.

“Let’s get real here,” PewDiePie expressed about his loss. “T-Series have already passed. Let’s just acknowledge the situation. It’s over, okay? ...we ain’t never gonna get to 100."

Although PewDiePie has been putting up a massive fight for around six months, T-Series was still able to exceed the YouTube King on the 26th of March. And there did not just exceed him, they even did it by a large margin. Not only that, regarding the figures on March 30, they have managed to stay on the first rank of the subscription race for about four days.

Currently, T-Series has more than 107,000 subscribers above PewDiePie; Though the YouTube King has had history of bouncing back even from great defeats before, there is not any sign that suggests PewDiePie would be having any other comeback intention in his mind. This has been further mentioned via his statements during that latest “Last Week I Ask You” episode on March 30.

T Series Pewdiepie Subscriber Gap March 30

“It feels weird - this is the first “Last Week I Ask You” I’ve recorded where we’re not technically winning,” Kjellberg added. “Sad. Just sad.”

PewDiePie’s subscription race against T-series also saw how major YouTubers as well as other celebrities get involved. Many big celebrities such as Ben Shapiro - political commentator or Elon Musk - Tesla CEO have made appearances on the ‘Meme Review’ series of PewDiePie.

MrBeast (Jimmy Donaldson) - a Popular YouTuber - also made huge contributions to the battle. He created a city-wide range of advertisement campaign across his whole hometown. He even went big and took the fight to this year Super Bowl, where the entire squad of his wore a series of shirts which read, ‘Sub 2 PewDiePie’ live on television.

Not just that, many hackers also jumped took action by infiltrating Smart TVs, Chromecasts and also printers to help PewDiePie overtake T-Series’s subscription count.

Unfortunately, in spite of all the efforts made by his incredibly dedicated fanbase, PewDiePie may now have lost his title of Youtube King for good. He even reiterated that he “doesn’t care” about who will eventually come out on top.