The fast-paced FPS game CS:GO is among the most played games on Steam. While the game is almost exclusively played on a PC, there is a way to play CS:GO on a mobile phone. However, unlike what you expect, it is less appealing than the mobile version of other FPS games.

Csgo Mobile 03
Playing CS:GO on a mobile phone is possible

CS:GO on a mobile phone

As you may wonder, there is indeed no official mobile version of CS:GO. However, you can still actually play CS:GO on a mobile phone via Steam Link. The mobile phone app lets you play any Steam game on your mobile phone. By streaming the content on your PC to your mobile phone, the Steam Link app lets you continue your game either by using the touch screen or a game controller.

Csgo Mobile 02
You can stream your PC content to a mobile phone using Steam Link app

With Steam Link, you can enjoy CS:GO with your pocket phone on your palm. It is most ideal for playing with a friend while you feel like laying down on the bed but still want to have fun. Unfortunately, this method is just an alternative and not the real CS:GO mobile game Valve intended.

Csgo Mobile 01
Playing CS:GO on a mobile phone is viable, but not the best solution

Various problems

Currently, there are various issues with playing CS:GO on a mobile phone. Basically, playing CS:GO on a mobile phone with Steam Link requires a decent and stable internet connection to ensure the smooth streamline. If any connectivity problem occurs, your screen may experience spikes or even screen freezes.

Csgo Mobile 04
Until Valve decides to make a stand-alone CS:GO mobile version, you have to use Steam Link to experience the game on a mobile phone

Even worse, playing CS:GO on a mobile phone badly handicaps your ability to play. With limited control and aiming capacity, you may find it hard to land shots on any player. Meanwhile, your opponent with full control on a PC can easily take you down with just a few clicks.

However, the possibility of playing CS:GO on a mobile phone is still fascinating. In the upcoming future, who knows if Valve will make their own CS:GO mobile version.