The netizens have learned that many female students in Japan suddenly shift towards the AV industry and start their new career as AV actresses. However, there are only a few girls who manage to play adult movies, gain certain successes, and complete their university studies, even get a graduate degree. And Minami Aizawa - the main character in our story this time - is such an AV actress.

Minami 1

Minami Aizawa started joining the Japanese adult movie industry in 2015. That means until now, this AV actress has had a 5-year long experience. She is even known as a master of the young generation. With her good appearance, sexy body, and impressive acting skills, Aiwaza has a huge number of fans. She has now focused much on developing her career in the entertainment world. However, many don’t know that the 1996-born girl is a versatile AV actress - a girl who loves the AV industry and prominently finished her university program.

Minami Aizawa

Accordingly, in recent days, the netizens in Japan have got surprised by her graduation photos. Many even can’t believe in their eyes. It is said that Minami Aizawa was recruited into the AV industry when she was just 21. At that time, the second-year student was studying the English faculty at a well-known private university in Japan. Fans may get more impressed by her high school transcript.

The young AV actress has gained a lot of success such as the best female actress at the Fanza Award 2019 - one of the most honorable awards for AV actresses. It worth mentioning that she never forgot to study at night. Even during the filming, Minami was often caught learning in a bid to complete her program.

It is rumored that Minami had to join this industry with the hope to pay her tuition fees. However, it turns out that she comes from a wealthy family, and therefore, the rumors are rejected. At present, this AV actress has kept raising the hot temperatures on the Internet.


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