At the age of 39, Riya Sen is far away from her limelight in Bollywood now, but it doesn't mean that her hotness level has dropped. In fact, she has stepped down from the peak of her career, leaving behind the best pictures and reputation of herself on the screen for her fans, and it's the time she can follow her other ambitions as well.

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Riya Sen is the former Bollywood actress-turned Yoga trainer

The former Bollywood actress is now following her Yoga trainer career, and fans feel very happy for her that she is finally able to pursue her dream. Without wasting your time any further,  let's have a look with Gurugamer with the hottest photos of Riya Sen from the past to now, and some new updates on Riya's career.

Riya Sen - the sexy Bollywood actress from a powerful family

Riya Sen was born in 1981 in India in the family with deep roots in Bollywood. To be more specific, a lot of her family members are former Bollywood actresses, including her sister Raima Sen, her mother Moon Moon Sen and her grandmother Suchitra Sen.

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Riya Sen was born to a famous family in Bollywood

That's how Riya Sen found her interest in the acting career, which she started very soon (at her 10th-year-old as a child actress). However, she has to wait until 2001 to find her first commercial success in Bollywood with the low-budget movie Style. This movie is a launchpad to help Riya get more and more success with small-budget Hindi movies later.

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She started her acting career very soon and found her success not long after

Her most successful Hindi movies are  Shaadi No. 1 (2005) and Jhankaar Beats (2003), but later than that, she only featured in small roles or participate in music videos rather than winning a leading role. That's when her Bollywood movies started to slide on the other sides of the hills.

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But she didn't stay on the peak of her career very long

Apart from those ones, Riya Sen also finds some noticeable success through non-Hindi movies as well. The most outstanding one of them is Ananthabhadram (2005), which ends up winning Riya five Kerala State Film Awards, and brought her to a higher position in the industry.

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Riya Sen is famous both with Hindi and non-Hindi movies

A model-turned Yoga instructor

People mainly remember Riya Sen as an actress, but little know that she was a model not long after she made her first movie debut. In detail, Riya Sen was recognized as a model in 1998 (at which she was only 17 years old). It was when she took part in the 'Yaad Piya Ki Aane Lagi', and from that moment, she has become a famous item girl with a lot of MVs, commercials, and fashion shows.

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The famous item girl of Bollywood

And of course, the life of a model could not be a success without at least one time getting on the cover of a fashion magazine. Riya has done more than that, not only appearing on Femina, Elaan and many other magazines' covers, she is also the only celebrity that appeared in Dabboo Ratnani's calendar for five consecutive years. The peek of her career is when she replaced Deepika Padukone to be the brand ambassador of Limca - a soft drink brand.

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Dabboo Ratnani has left a lot of compliments on the charisma of Riya Sen

Of course, there are a lot of reasons for Riya's success. A part of it was her family background, but more than everything is her talent and hard-working to secure her spot. She owned a deadly curvy body, and she has made use of that while further pushing herself with practicing her facial expression. That has resulted in the perfect version of Riya now: mesmerizingly sexy.

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Her body parts are incredibly sexy

Even when she has stepped aside from her limelight now, the former actress still takes very good care of her body by practicing Yoga. Instead of undergoing plastic surgery, Riya Sen chose to maintain her inner beauty with the art of Yoga. Besides her sexy and hot photos for modeling, we often catch her Yoga practicing on Instagram, which makes fans go aww for her perfect body parts.

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She maintains her curvy figures by practicing Yoga

And all of that efforts have led to her proud result now: finally being certified as a professional Yoga trainer. Let's have a look at her hottest photos down here, and enjoy for yourself.

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