While the world has reached more than 12M coronavirus positive cases and those in India hike in more than 8.5 lakh cases, the news that Russia has successfully completed the human trials of the corona vaccine is the greatest news to clear the pandemic blue. 

Among dozens of laboratories and biotech firms that are one the rush to develop a vaccine for the respiratory virus COVID-19, Russia scientists are one of the first groups to complete the vaccine trials on the human body and the result is positive. If you’re looking for details information about the Russia corona vaccine like when it will be launched or how much it cost, this article has all you need so keep scrolling down. 

Russia Corona Vaccine

Russia Corona Vaccine is safe and effective for human

According to Mr. Vadim Tarasov the head of the Translational Medicine and Biotechnology Institute, the testing progress has been done on two groups of volunteers with 18 people in the first group and 20 others in the second. All of them were asked to be injected with the vaccine before exposing it to the viral. They were late self-isolated and put under monitoring in the hospital. After one month, the result shows that all of them have formed the immune response to the virus which later injected into their bodies. 

Russia Corona Vaccine

As people also show concern if the vaccine is safe for humans or nor, the human trials clarified that there is nothing to worry about the safety of the Russian coronavirus vaccine and the side effect on the human body. The vaccine developed and tested by the Gamalei Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology in Russia is also certified to be safe for humans just like any other medicines and vaccines. 

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Russia Corona Vaccine

When will Russia Corona vaccine be ready?

In fact, the details about Russia corona vaccine price or when it can be found on the market are yet to be disclosed. However, the Russian Defense Ministry as well as the Gamalei Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology are working on the further step to kick start the vaccine production. 

Meanwhile, WHO confirmed that there is no official coronavirus vaccine has been made available on the market. Apart from the Russian corona vaccine developed by the Gamalei Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, there are also 21 other laboratories and bio-tech firms who are on the run for coronavirus Vaccine. 

Meanwhile, US scientists  also make headline for the success of 1st stage human trial. According to them, the vaccine they're working on can produce the same amount of virus killing antibodies just like COVID-19 survivors. Click for more details: US Scientists Make Successful Coronavirus Testing, Vaccine Produces The Same Virus-Killing Antibodies

Meanwhile, the India-based bio-tech film Patna AIIMS announced that they are also kick-started the human trial process of coronavirus vaccine. Hope that the result will be positive and the vaccine to protect people from the novel virus will soon be available.

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