Disney Princess Selena Gomez has just come back to the entertainment world with the new album ‘Rare’ in January after a period of absence. However, on April 14, she took legal action against a Chinese video game company when realizing that her likeness has been used illegally.

Two versions of Selena Gomez: in the magazine and in the game app.

Accordingly, Guangzhou Feidong Software Technology (China) published a mobile game called Clothes Forever - Styling Game for the iOS platform. In this fashion game, players are able to go shopping with lots of celebrities and beautiful models such as Beyonce, Taylor, Kardashian, Gigi, and of course, Selena Gomez. However, the famous singer has had no idea about it. It’s not difficult to comprehend why she felt angry when knowing her likeness and photos are exploited.

In the lawsuit, Selena Gomez provided many persuasive pieces of evidence, for example, the screenshot in the casual game Clothes Forever - Styling Game is totally similar to her photoshoot for Flare Magazine. Disney Princess has decided to file a $10 million lawsuit as compensation that the Chinese company had to pay because it violates her rights.

The famous singer gets about $800,000 for each of her advertising articles.

The singer and model also revealed that she has received about $800,000 for each advertising article. As such, a $10 million fine seems not too high.

As mentioned above, Clothes Forever - Styling Game allows players to cosplay as the most well-known celebrities and beauties in the world. Besides Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian are present in this game. There has been no official information showing that the Chinese video game company has got the agreement of these stars. However, they now seem to have no intention to suit Guangzhou Feidong Software Technology.

Can you guess who they are?

It is not the first time characters in China’s games have been designed based on top-world celebrities. However, stars have always paid special attention to their image copyrights and the violators must get an extremely expensive fine.