Shin Na Rin is a famous female streamer in Korea who is beautiful and super sexy. But recently, her channel has been suspended due to sensitive content. In specific, this sexy girl wore super short clothes and crawled around her house with a chain on the neck. Check out the story of this Korean streamer here.

Sexy Korean Streamer Is Suspended For Sensitive Content

This streamer is a familiar name with the mainstream community in Korea with her sexy and sultry beauty. She has a great number of fans and followers who wait to see her broadcast every day. The beautiful streamer has shared her sexy looks many times before. She also faced suspension many times before for wearing improper clothes on the live-stream.

Shin Na Rin 1
Shin Na Rin is a super sexy streamer from Korea
Shin Na Rin 4
She has a lot of fans and followers on the internet

In the latest broadcast, the streamer left a lot of audiences and fans shocked when wearing super short clothes and crawling around the house. Moreover, she even wore a long chain on her neck. It seems that she wanted to act as a chained pet. But the content was so offensive that the beautiful streamer got a channel suspension later. Furthermore, her channel can be blocked for a long time.

Shin Narin 7
It's not the first time her channel was suspended

During that offensive broadcast, the cameraman followed Shin Na Rin to record sensitive scenes of her. The streamer wore a revealing pair of shorts that could hardly cover her buttocks when she kneed and moved on the floor.

Shin Narin
The cameraman recorded many sensitive scenes of her

Fans of the young streamer born in 1996 are worrying that she might lose her channel because it's not the first time she was suspended due to making sensitive content in the live-stream. Here are some sexy looks of Shin Na Rin she shared on the internet.

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