In the line-up of famous Bollywood actresses and Instagram users, Sophie Choudry is one of the most active ones uploading a lot of pictures to remind people about social distancing and quarantine. Sophie has 23 Lakhs followers now, and it will not be a day without at least one shining picture from her.

Sophie Choudry Bikini 5
Sophie Choudry gained 23 lakh followers on Instagram with her ravishing pictures

And since she knows we're lacking sunlight due to the fact that we still need to stay at home for 20 more days, Sophie has brought us the precious light near the sea with her sexy bikini photo. Let's have a look with below, but right now, let's see how hot Sophie Choudry's body is with her purple gown in GeoSpa Global Spa India Awards 2019 here:

 This sexy throwback bikini pictures of Sophie Choudry will light up your day

Even though Sophie Choudry is no longer at her dominance on TV screens anymore, she still knows how to keep herself in the line of the famous personalities by using the power of social networks. She has switched her focus to health, travel, and fitness, keeping fans updated with her training tips.

Sophie Choudry Bikini 8
Sophie Choudry is a famous fitness star on Instagram now

She also didn't forget to inspire fans with her glamorous body, which is the result of her hard training as well. Her bikini photos are basically her weekly section by now, and fans absolutely love it, since her healthy body resulted from daily fitness training is the dream of anyone, and it looks great no matter which kinds of bikini she wears.

Sophie Choudry Bikini 4
She looks great with basically every type of bikini

You can look at the following pictures to check for yourself:

Sophie Choudry Bikini 6
A better look of the previous pic from Sophie

Sophie Choudry Bikini 2
Leopard bikini with a see-through gown

Sophie Choudry Bikini 7
Red is as hot as the sun

Sophie Choudry Bikini 3
The strapped orange bikini couldn't test her either

The recent one from Sophie is not an exception, as the former TV star has shown us her shining bikini look near the beach. Again, her flat tummy and hourglass body turned has captured the eyes and heart of fans. We couldn't know what is shining brighter in the picture - the sun or Sophie.

Sophie Choudry Bikini 1
The recent picture of Sophie is our precious sunlight

Total lockdown seems to be a burden for everyone including Sophie, so she uploaded this picture to throwback a little bit on the day she could still go out. "To the time when I thought this was social distancing" - said the diva. She also reminds all of her followers to stay home and don't sneak out, and she will continue to update her fitness training tips for training at home.

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