Many hours of video calls and online classes on Zoom as a result of the pandemic have already recorded countless accidents, embarrassing situations, and curiosities. But they are also witnesses of the tensest moments, such as this one where an Ecuadorian student was robbed at home while participating in a virtual class in front of all her classmates.

A Student Was Robbed While Attending An Online Class On Zoom And Everything Was Recorded

In Ecuador, thieves broke into the home of an Ecuadorian teenager while she was attending a virtual class. The criminals entered her room without knowing that they were being filmed and seen by the victim's classmates, who were able to call the police and helped the police solve the case.

The Zoom class was going normally and the teacher was introducing concepts to adolescents, each was listening from their home. Suddenly, the usual learning process was interrupted on the screen showing the house of a young girl whose intruders had entered to rob.

"Teacher, they are robbing the Majo's house", said one of the students after people began to notice something strange on Zoom. From the victim's camera, it was possible to see how the thieves were threatening her without noticing that everything was being filmed.

The video of the moment quickly went on social networks and went viral, and many people gave concerns about the state of the unfortunate teenager.

Fortunately, thanks to the fact that the victim's friends were able to immediately call emergency services, the Police of the Ecuadorian town of Ambato was able to mount a locate-and-capture operation that managed to arrest the perpetrators of the assault. They were four men who have already been arrested.

The peculiar event generated such an impact that even the Interior Minister of Ecuador, María Paula Romo, reported the arrest of the thieves via her Twitter account.

Students may not remember the lesson the teacher was trying to give them at the time of the robbery, but they will remember how they were key to preventing their partner from being a victim of a home invasion, thanks to the teleconferencing power of Zoom.

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