The American automotive manufacturer Tesla recently posted a video on its official Twitter account, leaking information about the brand’s new feature called Tesla Arcade, a feature within the infotainment system the company is building. A new racing game is also released on Tesla cars, named Beach Buggy Racing.

Racing game is much cooler on Tesla

Tesla has brought much more fun into Beach Buggy Racing with Tesla Arcade app. The built-in control system is fully utilized and significantly improves the gaming experience of Tesla cars. As presented in the teaser, you can use the actual steering wheel, break, and pedals while the car is charging which will also cause the front wheels to move.

One concern about Tesla Arcade is the movement of the wheels while playing games might be abundant. That feature will damage the wheels by wearing them out sooner than expected. However, people can opt to play the game using the touch screen instead.

Tesla Arcade 1
Drivers can use steering wheel controls for the most immersive experience

Beach Buggy Racing’s gameplay is slightly changed on Tesla. The kart racing game gives players several difficulty modes, which range from Chill to Ludicrous. It is equipped with a decent graphic which looks awesome on Tesla cars’ screen. There are totally 22 tracks to experience within the game.

Tesla ambition towards Arcade

It remains unclear that if Tesla Arcade feature will be applied to all the cars. However, we can see in the video that the game is being played on a Model 3 car.

Tesla Showroom
Tesla turned one of the local showrooms into a real arcade

To commercially promote Arcade, Tesla has turned one of the brand’s local showrooms into a real arcade so people can try out this kart racing game. In a tweet, the automotive manufacturer says Arcade and Beach Buggy Racing will make charging up a Tesla that much more fun.