Ann B. Mateo is one of the most famous game streamers in the Phillippines with over 28 lakh followers on Facebook. This beautiful streamer plays a lot of games and broadcasts on Facebook. Besides, she often treats 12 lakh followers on Instagram with a lot of hot and charming looks.

The Hottest Phillippine Game Streamer Ann B. Mateo

Ann B. Mateo is one of the most viral names in the game and live-stream community in the Phillippines. Almost her daily live-streams take place on Facebook, the most popular social media platform in this country.

Ann B Mateo 1
Mateo has over 28 lakh followers on Facebook and 12 lakh followers on Instagram.
Ann B Mateo 2
She is famous for her gaming content on her live-stream and also her sexy looks.
Ann B Mateo 3
Moreover, Mateo is also a famous photo model who appeared in the magazine FHM Philippines, one of the most popular magazines for men.
Ann B Mateo 4
The hot streamer was selected to be one of the sexiest women in 2017 by the FHM magazine.
Ann B Mateo 5
Her chubby boobs help Mateo appear in a lot of lists of beauty.
Ann B Mateo 6
Although she does not have an impressive height like other models, Mateo still looks beautiful with a hot and sultry body shape.
Ann B Mateo 7
She keeps fit by doing sports, such as swimming and rowing.
Ann B Mateo 8
She got a lot of compliments from fans and journalists.
Ann B Mateo 9
Besides. she also got many flirtatious comments due to her sexy beauty.
Ann B Mateo 10
However. the female streamer always ignores those bad comments and lives happily.
Ann B Mateo 11
Ann B Mateo plays a lot of PC and Mobile games to make her content more diverse and interesting.
Ann B Mateo 12
She often tries new games to give her audiences the most realistic reviews of them.
Ann B Mateo 13
Besides, the hot streamer often posts a lot of stunning looks of her in daily life to keep in touch with fans.

Here are some must-see pictures of Mateo on Instagram. Just take a look.

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