Japanese girls always wear short skirts no matter whether it's cold or hot. It's called Seifuku culture that is very popular in this country. Here's the reason why Japanese girls still wear short skirts regardless of the weather condition.

Reason Why Japanese Girls Wear Seifuku Although It's Cold

Seifuku is the name of the beautiful female uniform of Japanese girls. You will see it a lot in many manga, anime, and films. This uniform was first introduced in the Meiji Era with a beautiful meaning: remove the gap between the poor and rich students in a school.

Japanese Girls Wear Short Skirt
Japanese Girls Wear Short Skirts In Winter

At first, the Minister of Education proposed that Sifuku should combine a kimono, a shirt, and a pair of Hakama pants. Then, Japanese schools used sailor shirts and pleated shirts as their uniforms when the Western culture was merged in this country.

Seifuku In Manga
Seifuku Appeared A Lot In Manga, Anime, And Films.

Many people think that Seifuku was introduced in the time of war when the country is poor and damaged due to wars. Then, Japanese people designed short skirts for girl students in order to save cloth for the army.

Japan Uniform
Seifuku is the traditional girls' school uniform in Japan.

In fact, Seifuku with the short skirt was designed in 1921. The Chairman of Fukuoka Girls' Institute copied a uniform sample in the UK and shorten the skirt to save materials. After that, this female school uniform became a cultural item of this country.

Seifiku In Winter
It lets school girls show off their beautiful legs.

It appeared in a lot of anime, manga, films, and cosplay, etc. Japanese people also considered it as a specialty of their country. Therefore, Japanese girls always wear short skirts all year, from warm spring to chilly winter.

Seifuku became a trend and culture in this country.

In this country, Seifuku is also a symbol of beautiful school day memories and youth. Therefore, Japanese girls often keep it as memorabilia. Moreover, it also made a trend called "kawaii" which soon became a culture. Many authors brought this uniform to their manga, such as Bleach, Naruto, Senran Kagura, To Love-Ru, and Nisekoi, etc. Besides, many traditional costumes of Japan were also shortened to allow Japanese girls to flaunt their long legs.