Jesus Estil, the head of the Fatima Dos Village Council in Cavite, Philippines, joined a Zoom meeting with his colleagues and inadvertently pressed the button to turn on the camera. He expected that the camera was off so he could go do something else.

While his colleagues discussed local issues, Estil got up and walked over to a woman sitting on the couch a few steps away from the computer. The two then engaged in a s.e.xual act while their colleagues stared at them in shock.

The woman was later identified as his secretary, and she was also in charge of accounting for the local government office. One of her colleagues even managed to record the explicit scene. The video was later released and prompted some town residents to petition to remove Estil for inappropriate behavior.

The Department of the Interior and the local government of Cavite assured that the official will be relieved of his position as soon as possible.

Official Philippines Caught Having $ex During Zoom Conference

Neither he nor his secretary has reported for work since the video was posted. Philippine news reported that the pair have willingly resigned from each of their posts but that there will be nothing to investigate as the damage is already done.

Meanwhile, the Governor of Cavite, Jonvic Remulla asked that his fellow officials and constituents understand how teleconferencing apps like Zoom work before using them, especially when the current pandemic will make these online meetings more common.

“Let me remind you that mute is not an ‘invisible’ feature. Please turn off the video function before doing anything else like bringing your phone or laptop to the toilet,” he said.

The Governor also asked that those who have not seen the Zoom video to not find it.

“If you have not seen it, please don’t search for it. Once you’ve seen it, you can’t unsee it. Should you receive it, please don’t share it,” Remulla pleaded, probably in vain at this point.

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