The hot girl is Elena Deligioz, born on March 16, 1994, in Russia. She is also known as the most beautiful woman in the military in Russia. It’s easy to comprehend because Elena has become very popular via multiple photos that are taken in the military concept, especially remind her fans of famous PUBG Mobile.

Elena Deligioz has a doll-like face.
Elena Cosplay
The hot girl possesses wide eyes, high nose, white skin, and always looks naive.

However, some may not know that, in fact, the hot girl works as a pro model, instead of a soldier as many think. Elena has a strong passion for the soldier’s uniform, and therefore, she has decided to attach her name to this figure. And that’s the way she has made her name.

In the beginning, she made an impression on her fans due to her doll-like beauty with tenderness and modesty. However, she has changed her style and become much sexier over time.

Elena Pubg Russia
She looks so beautiful even when dressing discreetly.

Elena Deligioz started to join Instagram in July 2017 and until now, after three years, she has drawn the huge attention from the netizens. There have been more than 0.5 lakh followers of her Instagram account.

As usual, the latest pics of this 26-year-old hot girl has rapidly gone viral on many social networks across the world. Young and beautiful face, soulful eyes, and sexy body are all that make her fans unable to take their eyes off her. Many sources reveal that her net worth now ranges from 1-5 million dollars (about Rs7.5 crore to Rs 37.5 crore).

Elena Beauty
However, many believe that she always looks attractive even when she wears the discreet clothes like this.
Elena Deligioz
Who can resist falling in love with the PUBG cosplayer?
Elena Gun
If she enters the military, she must be the most beautiful soldier.

Elena Hair

Elena Insta

Elena Pubg

Elena Soldier

Elena Wood

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