When Twitch and other streaming platforms are flooded with lakhs of streamers and we are no stranger to hot and curvy female streamers, there is one little girl who has the power of rocking the whole gaming world. However, the most special thing about her is that she isn’t real! Find out more interesting facts about CodeMiko one of the more popular virtual streamers in the world, in the article below!

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Codemiko Virtual Streamer
Meet CodeMiko, the twitch rising streamer who is unreal!

It seems like there is no limit when it comes to content creation and streaming. Streamers and content creators know how to take use by surprise, from one to another. Recently, the entire internet has been taken by storm after watching the new type of streaming - applying AI technique to create a virtual streamer. Here is the story of who is CodeMiko and how she is made!

Who is CodeMiko

As CodeMiko is not a real streamer, she is a 3D virtual streamer who is powered by a girl who entitles herself as The Technician. She normally comes out at the end of the Livestream and talks just like a normal streamer. According to the technician, thanks to the X-sense suit and Unreal Engine systems, she can successfully manipulate a virtual character.

The creator of CodeMiko also reveals that the CodeMiko project is a combination of interactive game and RPG as viewers can interact with the streamer by spending Twitch's Bits.

Codemiko Virtual Streamer
The Technician who creates CodeMiko

The hype around CodeMiko

It didn’t take a long time for CodeMiko to become the new sensation on Twitch. The 3D model quickly gained more than 2 lakhs of followers on Twitch after making her debut for a few months.
In addition to that, she also makes collaboration with other popular YTuber like Pokimaner on stream which make her name more popular among the streaming community.

Why is CodeMiko banned by Twitch?

Despite being a virtual streamer, CodeMiko still lands in the same problem just like many other streamers on Twitch. The 3D model earlier got a temporary ban for a few days due to a misunderstanding. She is also being banned at the moment and the reason has yet to be known!

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