Besides beautiful faces, having a sexy body is also one of the top priorities female cosers pay attention to. It is an unwritten law that cosers with beauty tend to gain success and fame more easily than others. That may be why Rocsky Light - a popular coser in Russia decided to come to Korea - the nation which is famous for the top technologies on plastic surgery - to increase her breasts.

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It is said that before the plastic surgery, beautiful girl Rocsky Light had a straight body shape without any highlight. Although she has up to 6 lakh followers, the coser didn’t feel satisfactory and hoped to improve her breast size. And then, she had a visit to Korea in a bid to increase her breast size to AAA. It’s interesting that she had no intention to hide this fact from the netizens. Instead, she publicly revealed it on her private page.

Rocsky Light said that she hoped to become more girly and mature via this plastic surgery. She frankly revealed that her breast size was rather small and all she wanted to push it up to XS - equivalent to the super large breast size in Korea. And right after success, the coser boasted about her new figure to her fans to prove the differences between the past and the present.

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It’s not hard to realize that after the successful surgery, Rocsky Light doesn’t just change her fashion style but she also updates her new makeup style and charisma. Sexier and more mature are what the netizens have seen in her in recent days. Rocsky Light now even feels comfortable showing off her body in bikinis.

She also admitted that this plastic surgery really helped her change her life completely, and even save her life. It doesn’t just help her become more confidential, but it also opens up more new chances for her to develop her career in the current field and other fields in the future.

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