PUBG is one of the most popular and favorite games available today, so it is inevitable that players will cheat to win. More specifically, professional PUBG gamers use fraud tricks to give themselves an advantage, which is detrimental to other players and losing the credibility of the game.

PUBG Corp strengthens to search for cheating PUBG players

Therefore, on December 19, 2018, PUBG Corp conducted a survey of professional gamers operating on a global scale. Through the search for in-game bans related to non-official software on the account, 4 players including Cuhris, DevowR, Liammm, and Tefl0n have been banned from the competition that takes place on the last December 31. Not stopping there, PUBG Corp continues to research and search for professional players who cheat during the game.

The list of professional gamers accused of cheating continues to increase by 12 people at the beginning of this week, according to PUBG Corp. In 12 players, 4 players cheat during the public matches and make them have to be punished for 2 years not participating in the competition. Six other people use cheating software during the competition and must receive 3 years of suspension from competition. The other two players were determined to be not cheating during the competition but were still banned from competing for 3 years because they were totally aware that their teammates had cheated in the PEL Qualifiers and did not give any report.

Both directly cheating players and concealed allies are suspended for 2 to 3 years

Here 12 people are banned from competing in PUBG tournaments from now on:

  • People banned from using unauthorized software in professional competitions include Papaya, sezk0, Houlow, Cabecao, zuppaa, swalker.
  • People banned from using unofficial software in public matches are S1D, TEXQS, Smitty, Avalon.
  • 2 people are banned because they know that their comrades use software to cheat in the contest and intentionally keep quiet: THZ (Houlow's teammate) and Fr_Steph (sezk0's teammate).

The producer of PUBG said that people who are aware of their teammates cheating and still deliberately ignore it in order to share a common benefit will be severely punished like those who cheat.

Cheating during competition can affect the reputation of the tournament

Sans Domicile Fixe has lost all their resources because its players are currently suspended. However, because PUBG Corp did not find any evidence that the organization was aware of the wrongdoing of its players, Sans Domicile Fixe was still allowed to participate in professional competitions with their whole new players

Red Diamonds can still play when it finds a replacement for S1D, and so on for the Pittsburgh Knights if they can get a player to replace the TEXQS position.

All players of Sans Domicile Fixe are being prohibited from competing at the moment

PUBG Corp also said that in the near future, all people participate in official esports competitions to have a full background check, including their accounts. When there is any evidence that a player using an unauthorized program to commit fraud is prohibited from participating in the competition.