Artifact, a DOTA card game from Valve, is releasing later today, on November 28th. Valve has worked really hard to attract a million fans of DOTA 2 into the mystical world of cards.

Artifact is a card game based on DOTA 2

In the past few weeks, we’ve seen a lot of gameplay from streamers who got the beta access. As a digital collectible card game, the gameplay of Artifact is to build a deck of collectible cards, obtained via purchasing either individual cards or packs of them on the Steam Marketplace, to defeat an opponent in a 1v1 situation. Artifact is heavily based upon and features many elements from the MOBA game DOTA 2, which Valve also developed.

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An in-game Menu display of the game.

However, what we’re missing since the game’ announcement is the lore of Artifact. Well, that changes now, and we’re getting what we’ve asked for. Prelude is the new comic released just recently, a DOTA 2 comic that supposes to tie the 2 games together.

Prelude is the first chapter of the lore comics.

You can find the comic here. You can read Prelude online or download it from the site to read it offline.

Artifact Prelude
Prelude's opening images.

The comic won’t be the only one because the 2nd part, Call to Arms, is coming out soon after the first one. Prelude also hints the existence of the following chapters at the end, make sure to check it out. In fact, Valve said that the release of Call to Arms will actually coincide with the launch of Artifact itself. According to the creators, these comics should be a chain of events that transform the DOTA world forever.

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A page from Prelude the comic.

Artifact official release is today, November 28th. The game is available on PC for everyone at the cost of $19.99. While waiting for its official release, it's time to hop into Prelude and enjoy the stories.