To The Stars. The King is back to claim his throne once again. Astralis is still the best team to ever touch CS:GO. Berlin Major 2019 is the 4th Major victory for the Danish giant. The Danes have been invincible in each Major since FACEIT Major 2018. Truly the Greatest Of All Time.

Astralis 4th Major 03
Truly the best


After quite a shaky period when Liquid dominated the scene in May, many people raised the question about the performance of the Danish giant. Many took it as another ending of an era, just like the NiP and fnatic’s long-lasting eras.

Astralis Major Victory 06
Astralis has lifted their 4th trophy

However, it was a step backward, 2 steps forward. Astralis has taken time off to renovate themselves, adapt and evolve far beyond the level of any squad. They still looked shaky in the New Legends Stage when going through 2 penta-overtimes against NRG and CR4ZY.

Stronger than ever

Nonetheless, Astralis displayed yet another dominant performance here in the big stage. They demolished both Liquid and NRG to proceed to the grand-finals. The rampage is on when facing against the dark horse of this very tournament – AVANGAR.

Astralis Major Victory 03
Astralis has broken the record to become the first-ever team to win 3 successive Majors

With discipline and a stellar performance from Nicolai “device” Reedtz, Astralis crushed AVANGAR on the first map, Inferno with a scoreline of 16-6. Astralis just read AVANGAR like a book and tore through the defense handily.

Astralis Major Victory 04
Astralis is your StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 Champion

On Dust2, it took a better effort for the Danish to win the series. device just shined, tapping down 4 in the first pistol round. Astralis held tight the defense on the first half and ended it with 11-4. They closed out the map at 16-5 to win the series 2-0. Astralis has claimed the trophy together with $500,000 (₹3.58 Crore)

Astralis Major Victory 07
What a memorable birthday for device, congratulation!

That is it, that concludes the Berlin Major 2019 for the year with the comeback of the Danes. Today is device’s birthday. What a way to celebrate his birthday with the 4th Major victory, 3 in a row since FACEIT Major London 2018. Congratulation to device and his team.

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