Brazilian Senator Eduardo Girão in a recent report states that he wants to take eSports games like CS:GO and Rainbow Six Siege off the legalized sports list in the country. This decision can bring about drastic changes and make the already bad visa issue even worse for players in those game.

Brazil Ban Csgo 01
Will Brazil ban one of their most successful sports game?

According to a report from Brazilian esports site MaisEsports, Girao (Can-CE) proposed an amendment to PLS 383/2017 – a bill that specifies clauses and terms regarding eSports and other sports within the country. If things go the way he submits, CS:GO and Rainbow Six Siege and other violent eSports will be excluded from the legalized game listed as sports.

The reason for the amendment is that these games contain violent material, induce hatred, prejudice, and discrimination. It even went to such extent that claimed those titles promoted the use of drugs, which is obviously a far cry from the case of CS:GO.

Brazil Ban Csgo 02
Does watching your favorite players competing on stage urge you to try drugs?

At the time, CS:GO and Rainbow Six Siege have achieved great success in Brazillian eSports. Brazil features well-renowned 2 times Major champion team Made in Brazil or MIBR. The Brazillian scene recently witnessed the rise of FURIA Esports on an international scale. Rainbow Six Siege also sees paiN gaming among the top contender for titles.

If the proposal comes to pass, these eSports teams can suffer major hardship in competing in international tournaments with visa issues and getting sponsorships. Sports and non-violent games were not mentioned in the amendment, therefore FIFA is unharmed. It remains unclear if other non-FPS, MOBA games such as Dota 2 or League of Legends that feature fightings and killings with non-realistic graphic will soon be named or not.

Brazil Ban Csgo 03
Other titles should get worried if their companion gets banned

The proposal is now under consideration from the Federal Senate Committee, Culture, and Sport. If they accept the amendment, there is a very high chance that CS:GO and Rainbow Six Siege will miss a large part of competition from America. We can only cherish coldzera and Co. in our memory without ever seeing them competing in the big stage again.

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People began to acknowledge eSports as a means of competition

This seems like a backward step to be made by the Brazillian government if things come true. Nowadays, many countries around the world have started to recognize eSports as regular sports and legalized it.