Have you ever thought about watching a professional esports championship where pro gamers compete on “stimulation farming”? You must be thinking that can’t happen, or those kinds of ideas only come from crazy people. Still, no matter what you think, no matter how crazy and stupid the idea might be to some people, Farming Simulator League – the professional esports championship for the game Farming Simulator will have its second season in this year 2019 (yes you read it right, the second season).

You might have or haven’t known the game yet, still the name of the game describes everything you need to understand what this game is about. But how will an esports championship of the game go? It is actually not that complicating. There will be many teams (each will have three players) competing in the game to find out which team can be the fastest one in baling and stacking hay in the middle of the field. They also have to be faster than a certain amount of time given beforehand. Of course, in reality, it will definitely be much harder and the difficulty could easily be seen in the first Farming Simulator League, which took place last year.

GIANT Software, the developer of Farming Simulator and the organizer of Farming Simulator League, will apply some huge update to the game as well as to the procedure of the tournament to boost up the hype for viewers and pro players. After having tiptoed with the first season in 2018, GIANT Software will bring us the party this year. According to the plan, ten different tournaments will be held all over Europe, and the winners from these tournaments will be competing in the final tournament for the Farming Simulator Champion title and €100 thousand (8081199.5 RP) reward. Not just so, each of the ten tournaments mentioned above will have its own prize pool, which makes the total prize pool for this season 2 of Farming Simulator League up to €250 thousand (20202998.76 RP).

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This plan certainly implies that GIANT Software is really confident with their own esports championship. Well, to be absolutely fair, traditional sports are really various as we have so many different types of sports like martial arts, football and chess. If such variety can happen in traditional sports, there is definitely comfortable rooms for Farming Simulator Champion even though we already have League of Legends or DOTA2.