Kumawat, a professional CS:GO player was found using a suspicious software at the ESL India Premiership and Extremesland Asia finals.

nikhil kumawat
Nikhil "Forsaken" Kumawat

An ex-member from CS:GO division of OpTic India was found cheating a week ago amid the game with team Revolution and thus has been prohibited by the Esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC) from taking part in any esports activity involved with ESIC for an aggregate of 5 years.

ESIC claimed that the proof against the man is "convincing" and "past sensible uncertainty," and showed that he swindled at both the ESL India Premiership and EA competition prior in October, which his team has won.

Optic India has recently declared their victory on their Twitter page.

Optic declared their trophy not long before the incident.

According to ESIC, they have found plenty of evidence for Kumawat's action and many have ordered them to quickly make a decision and ban the man for his entire life. However, they will resolve this problem with a legitimate procedure regarding the Code of Conduct of the tournament.

ESIC also reported that Kumawat is still remained entitled. Though they have endeavored to get in touch with him to give him a chance to concede guilt or to argue not liable and protect himself but apparently he hasn't responded yet.

Kumawat was potentially banned for a lifetime as a multi-time offender, yet ESIC decided on the 5-year ban since his past offense in last year has not much relation to this recent one. Though ESIC comprehends the outcry of the esports community, however, the sanctions in the industry should not be compared with those in the conventional sports.

While Kumawat has not reacted to ESIC's endeavors to get in touch with him, he released an announcement to AFK Gaming, saying sorry for his conduct and implying that his partners had no clue he was conning. ESIC affirmed that no sign of cheating had been spotted on other gamers of the mentioned team. All things being equal, Kumawat's CS:GO team was disbanded not long after he was caught.