Recently, FaZe Clan - a North American esports team - have found themselves sued by their player Turner 'Tfue' Tenney. The case involved the so-called "oppressive and predatory contracts" between the player and the organization. Turner 'Tfue' Tenney claims that FaZe Clan keeps up to 80 percent of the money he makes through streaming.

Upon hearing the news, many people showed their support for the organization with the hashtag #FaZeUp. Most notably, many former CS:GO players also spoke openly in social media about their experience with FaZe Clan including the longtime IGL karrian, the Swedish fnatic IGL Zizt, and the AWPer maikelele.

Csgo Pros Advocate 01
The Danish IGL had quite a good long time with FaZe Clan

karrigan joined FaZed Clan in 2017, taking on the role of IGL for the all-start team. During his leadership, the team went to countless big tournaments with 7 trophies in their bag, and always retained a spot in the top contenders in CS:GO competitive scene. The Danish IGL was benched in December of 2019 to make room for another player. Though parting ways with the organization later to come to mousesports, karrigan still keeps good relationships with everyone in FaZe. He even challenged Nikola "NiKo" Kovač playfully in the recent Tweet. With the recent scandal coming to light, karrigan shared his thoughts on the organization:

Some players expressed their experience with the famous North American organization. With these good words from pro players, we can hardly believe FaZe would do such terrible thing to their players like what Tfue claimed. However, things are yet to be decided. Let's wait for more information on this case in the upcoming future.