There is an ongoing rumour about Valve's decision to spend less on the next 2020 Major of CS:GO. Recent Tweet from 1 public figure in Esports stated it:

Csgo Valve Economize 07
Is draining our wallet what Valve truly wants?

It seems like many people are getting angry at Valve's greed when they are just busy milking their fat cows like Dota 2 and CS:GO but paid no heed to their fans. Valve are just entrusting the most-expected events to the hand of PGL Esports. Surely we can expect PGL Esports to do a good job, but tournaments of this large scale in the hands of people other than Valve's staff seems to be a questionable decision from Valve - if not "irresponsible". Everything is yet to be seen, what will be the response and decision from Valve or what action will they take?