The ESL One Mumbai 2019 has just finished last week. It was a great Dota2 tournament. But Dota 2 fans in India will not have to wait for long until the next Dota 2 tournament in the country. Just a few couples of hours ago, there has been an official announcement that the ESL INDIA PREMIERSHIP for 2019 season will kick off really soon.

Esl Ip Masters Dota2

The ESL INDIA PREMIERSHIP Summer for 2019 season will feature the total prize pool of Rs 1,1 crore for all teams to take. Also, the teams that will take part in the tournament has been officially announced too. There will be totally eight teams joining in the ESL INDIA PREMIERSHIP Summer 2019:

• Entity Gaming
• Goliath Gaming
• Global Esports
• Signify
• Taskus Titans
• The Council
• Unknown Cartels

Team Signify is probably the most famous and favorable team among eight teams in the tournament, although the team has just received heavy losses in the ESL One Mumbai 2019 (3 series lost with 2-0 score). Nevertheless, in the other 7 teams in the tournament, the newly founded team Global Esports looks like they will be the black horse of the ESL INDIA PREMIERSHIP Summer 2019

Team Dota 2 of Global Esports was just formed recently with many expectations from the fans and the owner. This team has gathered some very famous names in the Dota 2 pro scene. The full roster of team Global Esports is as below:

• Akshay ‘Zxc’ Dhodi – Position 1
• Sahil ‘Micro’ Viradia – Position 2
• Darshan ‘A35’ Bata – Position 3
• Ketan ‘Evil-Ash’ Goyal – Position 4
• Omkar ‘PasoLL’ Urunkar (C) – Position 5

Omkar ‘PasoLL’ Urunkar - captain of team Global Esports

The confidence of team Global Esports is also shown in its statement when founding the team:

Image 20
Full roster of Global Esports

We wish the best luck for the tournament and all the teams that take part in the ESL INDIA PREMIERSHIP Summer 2019