Earlier this week, Valve released a smartphone companion Dota 2 app that lets fans follow big tournaments easier, keep track of their beloved teams as well as grants access to in-game stats. That’s not everything though: the app allows players to gamble.

The app uses Shards, a unique currency in Dota 2 dedicated to those who subscribe to Dota Plus. Dota Plus is a hub designed to help players improve their in-game performance and ranking. It takes a look and analyzes data about your past matches like a private coach and much more. It acts as a battle pass, granting player special rewards by earning and spending Shards.

Dota 2
Dota Plus's Shards can earn you special rewards that you can't buy in the market as usual.

In the past, common ways to earn Shards include predicting match results, completing quests, earning hero Xp as well as hitting specific in-game benchmarks. From now on, there’s one more way to get Shards: by betting on DPC (Dota Pro Circuit) matches.

In general, there are two ways to do this. First way involves Valve providing odds in advance for upcoming games and players betting up to 100 Shards on the winning team that they chose. If it’s correct, the reward is those Shards multiplied by their picked odds. At the moment, the maximum amount available to bet seems somehow low, especially when the odds are mainly single digit. Although, it’s still a convenient way to put extra tension in each match.

Dota 2
In-app display: Fantasy team, Match Predictions and Real-time tracking, respectively.

In the second way, players can use the exclusively Valve way “Fantasy Dota 2”. Players will first construct their own fantasy team before the start of a tournament. They will then earn points accordingly for the real-time performance of their team, thus increasing their Shards. Fantasy leagues are something very familiar in Dota 2 as they’ve been in the game for a long time. However, including such feature in a first-party app now is pretty neat and manageable. As for now, it’s much easier to keep track of tournaments by using the app, just by checking the phone. It’s really awesome as it works even for those who don’t play the game that much now.