One step like the former #1

CS:GO team ENCE hired the mastermind behind Astralis’ initial success.

Ence Hired The 01
The ex-member of coach staff for Astralis, Mia Stellberg

As Esports is developing fast, people have started to take care of side factors as well. Esports is no longer just casual electronic games. They are now real business.

People often neglected their health when playing electronic games. They often thought playing games did not require much physical effort. Therefore, gamers should not care much about their health condition.

Ence Hired The 02
People once held the belief that Esports gamers would need no much healthcare

Wide recognition

However, things have changed much since the world acknowledged popular electronic games as a sport or Esports. Esports organizations nowadays care much more for their players.

Competing in Esports involves performance by players in-game. They need to show up their skills and experience to compete in Esports. Just like traditional sports, Esports athletes need to maintain their good health condition to perform well.

Ence Hired The 03
Much like sports, Esports players need someone to monitor their mental and physical health

We are well acquaintanced with the term “physical fitness” where players need to keep themselves healthy with regular exercises. However, Astralis introduced “mental fitness” to the world of CS:GO.

The solution to a prevailing problem

Before 2017, CS:GO was keenly contested in every tournament. Astralis was a really strong team but they got labeled “choker” when it came to important matches. Finally, they had to resort to a sport psychologist to help with the problem.

The expert that helped Astralis to overcome mental problems in important matches

It was a new concept at the time, and people would laugh off the matter, deeming Astralis doing unnecessary things. However, with the help of the psychologist, Mia Stellberg, Astralis won the ELEAGUE major 2017, marking an important achievement for the Danes.

The team since then improved quite a lot and maintained consistent performance. 2018 was the year for Astralis to shine. It was thanks to the “mental help” that the team progressed so well and kept up great performance during their era.

Following the right footstep

Many teams have started to adapt to the way Astralis cared for their players. ENCE has recently hired the psychologist that helped Astralis during their tough days. In the latest videos on Twitter, ENCE mentioned the addition of Mia Stellberg to the coaching staff.

ENCE has recently developed really well as a team into the top 3 team in the world. They managed to beat Astralis, the former #1 team in the world, ending their massive 31-map Nuke streak. With the additional help from the coaching staff, we can expect a great showing from ENCE soon.

Both ENCE and Astralis will compete in the ESL One Cologne 2019 this July. Stay tuned to watch some of the best CS:GO with all the top teams you can ever imagine. This should be a good showing.