Entity Gaming has finally made it. They will represent India in the international tournament in Shanghai China. This time, the all-Indian roster will look to leave their mark on an international scale.

Entity Gaming Extremeslands 01
Entity Gaming will travel to Shanghai this November to represent India in the $100,000 tournament

A disaster no more

Last year’s event turned out a disaster for the Indian CS:GO scene. OpTic India beat Entity with a map advantage. They got 1 free map win and only had to win 1 more map. It took a tremendous effort from Entity Gaming to bring the map to overtime but lost by a narrow margin 17-19.

Entity Gaming Extremeslands 03
It was unfair for Entity Gaming last year

Moreover, as we all have known, OpTic India at the time still fielded Nikhil “forsaken” Kumawat in the lineup. It may have been unfair for Entity to have played against a cheater like him.

However, what is done is done. Entity Gaming this time has proved themselves worthy. They have managed to defeat their kryptonite – Orgless5ive – the ex-Signify stack.

Entity Gaming Extremeslands 02
Entity Gaming made a fun pic out of their match against Orgless5ive

After that, even being one map down against Global Esports in the grand final, Entity quickly made a comeback on Overpass and Train with a double 16-6.

Also, please note that Entity Gaming’s latest big addition Debanjan “DeathMaker” Das has yielded great results. The ex-member of Orgless5ive or Signify has entered the rank of Entity just this August. He has brought enormous firepower and experience to the squad and achieved great results. Over the 3 maps, DeathMaker dropped 63 kills while sustaining a rating of 1.40.

Entity Gaming Extremeslands 04
DeathMakeR has found great success alongside new teammates

The Zowie eXTREMESLAND CS:GO Asia 2019 will take place this mid-November in Shanghai China. The event gathers 16 teams from all region in Asia into a $100,000 CS:GO tournament. How will our boys in Entity Gaming fare? Tune in for more of Indian CS:GO on an international scale.