Epic Games, Fortnite's developer, announced the prize money worth up to $30 million for the winner of the upcoming Fortnite World Cup finals on Friday. The final match will take place on July 26th - 28th  in New York City, USA. So far, this will be the biggest esport final awards, surpassing the prize record of $25.5 million for The International Dota 2 tournament last year.

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Gamers around the world have the opportunity to win a total prize of up to $100 million.

The tournament will begin in April this year, players will have the opportunity to show their best abilities to win a prize worth $30 million. This bonus is enough to brag the winner to parents and partners who have rejected them before. Ten online qualifiers will take place from April 13 to June 16, 2019, and the winner each week will win a $1 million bonus.

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Fortnite is currently earning $ 300 million per month

After the qualifying round is over, there will be 100 top players and 50 top teams from all over the world will come to New York in order to attend the final round of the Fortnite World Cup. All gamers who get to the finals will earn $50,000, and the final winner will receive $3 million. This means that all Fortnite awards will be worth nearly $100 million for all gamers to strive for.

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Ninja's Fortnite tournament was an exhilarating and unprecedented e-sports experiment

According to data provided by SuperData, Epic Games earned $2.4 billion last year and currently, Fortnite is helping the company to bring in $300 million every month. Although players can download Fornite for free, the in-app shopping services, including upgrading and changing the look of the characters, have helped Epic Games earn a lot of money.

Not only the millions of Fortnite World Cup awards have helped many professional gamers earn money, but the game has helped gamers around the world become millionaires and celebrities. Typically, a top streamer on Twitch - Ninja earned about $10 million in 2018.