Garena Free Fire is known for its tournament craze. The game organizes official tournaments every month. And for the month of December, Garena has announced Free Fire’s all-new amateur tournament - Free Fire Battle Arena Season 2. Let's check out all the things you need to know about this tournament.

Free Fire Battle Arena Season 2
Gather your team to join the Free Fire Battle Arena Season 2

What are the Conditions to Join Free Fire Battle Arena Season 2?

In order to participate in the tournament, players have to gather their own team. The whole squad must meet the two following requirements:

  • Every player must be on rank Diamond 1 at least.
  • The player should be at level 30 or higher.

If all the requirements are met, players can form a team of a minimum of 4 players and 6 players at maximum.

How to Register for Battle Arena Season 2?

Here are the steps to register for the tournament:

  • Click the Free Fire Cup icon in the upper-right corner of the main lobby.
  • Select the yellow icon to see an overview of the tournament.
  • Tap the left side of the banner, the FFBA S2 lobby should open. Players can see the key information for the tournament here.
  • Click the Squad button to create or join a team.
  • Fill in all the information as required in the registration form.
Battle Arena Season 2
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Each team that successfully registers will receive eight tickets. Matchmaking starts on 4th December, from 16:00 IST to 21:00 IST.

Point Distribution System

There are various ways to gain points in this tournament. Points can be earned by either getting kills and finishing at high positions. According to this point distribution system, teams can choose their favorable style. So players can camp for higher positions or rush for kill points. But to win more points, you will need a coordinated and synchronized team.

How to Make a Perfect Team?

A perfect team should consist of three roles: One sniper, One assaulter, two Short ranged players. Here are the three popular strategies that you can utilize:

Free Fire Battle Arena Season Teaser
Compete against the best teams in India
  1. Camp: Land far from the plane trajectory where has fewer opponents, loot, then move to the circle.
  2. Rush: Land on hot drops then rush and clear out the opposing squads for kill points.
  3. Flank: Move from side to side or edge to edge of the zone to take the best position and pick out skirmishers.

Free Fire Battle Arena Season 2 Format and Schedule

In Battle Arena Season 2, the first stage will be an open tournament of 8 matches. Teams need to collect 150+ points to qualify. The top 48 teams will advance to the group stages. Here are the detailed schedules:

Free Fire Battle Arena Season 2 Ffc Mode Tutorial
Check out the schedule here
  • Qualifiers (1st – 4th December – 16:00 IST to 21:00 IST) 48 teams fight to pick out the top 18 teams for the Group Stages.
  • Group Stage (11th – 13th December – 18:00 IST to 20:45 IST) The top 6 teams will proceed for finals, and the other 12 teams will compete in Play-Ins.
  • Play Ins (16th December – 18:00 IST to 20:45 IST) 12 bottom teams from the Group Stage will play 3 full map tournaments and 4 Clash squad tournaments to select the top 6 teams to enter the Finals.
  • Grand Finals (18th December – 18:00 IST to 20:45 IST) A total of 12 teams will contest in the ultimate stage of Battle Arena Season 2. The winner gets a chance to participate in the Free Fire India Championship (FFIC).

The Rewards Section

The winner of Battle Arena Season 2 will bring home 3,00,000 Diamonds. Not to mention the winning team may get a chance to scrim with the top teams in India, and find support from a Youtube Gaming Channel for FFIC.

Free Fire Battle Arena Season Coming
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