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Lee "Faker" San-hyeok

This week, the no.1 player of League of Legends worldwide, Lee San-hyeok, also known as “Faker”, unexpectedly got stuck in mid lane Nune when he was streaming. Instead of waiting for being freed, he customized a group and invited the viewers to participate.

According to a video with English translation of Today on the Korean Server YouTube channel, Faker chose a person to beat in a 1-vs-1 Lee Sin mirror match. An interesting thing happened then.

There were more eight players participating with Faker in this match. Faker guided these players not to do anything, but watch the competition between he and his rival. At the first time, they all agreed with Faker’s instruction, however, after a while, they fought against each other in the river, jungle and then tried to beat Faker after his 1-vs-1 match.

Whenever the combatant of Faker dodged an ability or landed something half-cool, he called himself Grandmaster in jest. It is undeniable that these players were quite good, but they still did not have enough capabilities to win Faker.  The real fight commenced after the minion wave climbed toward the tower of Faker.

A scene in this 1-vs-1 match with Faker's viewers

No sooner did this most successful League of Legends player kill his 1 vs-1 rival and leave the match with almost full health points than the spectators started to hit and injure Faker, and dive through towers to try to beat him. However, no one could catch him and Faker ended the 1-vs-1 match with a couple more kills before requesting them to leave to let him return to his ranked queue.

It was actually entertaining, however, Faker does not often do such this thing. Although it will not occur again soon, it was still so fun to watch this time.

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