An ambitious project

Fortnite developers have been impressive trying to spread the love for the game. They have announced the Fortnite World Cup with staggering money involved. According to Epic Games, the total prize pool of Fortnite World Cup will rise up to $130 million.

Fortnite has already reached #1 in the prize pool so far in 2019. According to official data from Esports Earning, Fortnite has a total prize pool of $14,723,414.67 with 1591 Players over 179 Tournaments. Every Fortnite World Cup 2019 qualifier week has contributed $1 million to the current prize pool. The Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am 2019 alone added $3 more million to it.

Fortnite Surpasses Csgo 02
Fortnite is getting big with their prize pool

Fortnite has become the #1 in prize pool in Esports in the first half of 2019. The closest Esports to Fortnite in prize pool is CS:GO which currently claims the #2 spot.

#2 contender

CS:GO so far has been the most competitive FPS title in the world of Esports. The game hosts many tournaments each year, from minor tournaments to big ones. The crowd CS:GO manages to pull in is impressive as well. 310 major to minor CS:GO tournaments in 2019 have attracted $10,071,270.71 in prize money.

Fortnite Surpasses Csgo 03
A crowd this big couldn't help the CS:GO Major exceed the prize pool of Fortnite tournaments

CS:GO has been consistent with their prize pool ranging from $50,000 to $300,000. However, that would pale in comparison with the prize pool from Fortnite tournament. It seems like Epic Games is very ambitious with their project when pouring millions of dollar into the game.

Dota 2

The most probable contender for the race in prize pool Fortnite will face is Dota 2. The RTS game stages The International each year, featuring around $20 million and more in the prize pool. This year, The International’s prize pool is rising, very likely to break the $30 million mark.

Fortnite Surpasses Csgo 04
Before Fortnite's release, The International tournaments featured the most prize money

Dota 2 in 2019 have staged 73 tournaments with $8,456,126.57 in the prize pool. The current prize money in The International sits comfortably at around $26.5 million. This will guarantee Dota 2 a #2 spot over CS:GO in the prize pool.

The International 2019 takes place in late August. However, Fortnite World Cup will begin in late July. Fornite at this rate seems undefeatable with their sky-high prize pool. Esports is indeed growing as a multi-million business.