Fortnite notorious streamer and gamer Ninja earned nearly $10 million out of 2018, he revealed to CNN.

The streamer additionally stated that he could lose a lot of money if he wasn't streaming and he even made much more than half a million dollars in some good months. These details are revealed in his review which is published on December 31, making them even more accurate.

Ninja is now one of the most popular and successful Fortnite streamers.

Ninja revealed that the major part of the income he earns from his activities originates from advertisements, similar to the ads he lets appear on the screen when he was streaming the game. Twitch subscriptions also add up his income from $4.99 to $24.99 for each subscriber.

Ninja seems to be familiar with numbers of 10 million now. As of August 2018, he had a total of that amount of followers only on Twitch, which added up nearly 3 million more now, 60,000 of them are subscribers. His amount of subscriber on Youtube also reached 20 million recently.

Ninja's profit is a result of his consistently expanding prominence. He played stream Fortnite in Times Square on New Year's Eve, went to many TV shows appeared in the later months of last year, and broke a Twitch simultaneous watchers record on a personal channel while streaming along with rapper Drake.

The famous streamer abstained from specifying the amount he gets from each wellspring of income he is having now, yet he revealed he must be always streaming to abstain from losing watchers, supporters, and income as an outcome.

Also according to CNN, he had streamed more than 4,000 hours of only Fortnite last year.

Ninja's income and notoriety are as yet subject to Fortnite's fame since it's the only title he's been streaming. Despite what's waiting on the horizon for Ninja, he's a standout amongst the most well-paid Twitch streamers of 2018.

Watch his epic highlights of 2018: