The Feat

There are people out there who are willing to go above and beyond the call of duty … to prove a point. No matter how useless that point is, someone, somewhere out there is going to do it.

That is the case for Luke TheNotable, a Fortnite streamer. Who, just a couple of days before, spent ten hours (Yes, ten) to see the ‘Infinite Dab’ animation on Fortnite to its end. The animation was added in the 7.10 patch to the popular game, along with the caption:

Dab for days with the new emoting power of the Infinite Dab in the lobby!

  • Last 10 hours.

Maxresdefault 2

I can’t imagine the developers even had the idea in mind that anyone’s going to use the animation for more than five minutes. Let alone ten hours. But Luke was able to prove all of them wrong at the cost of half a day of his life. However, all of that efforts, fortunately, was not in vain. At the end of the ten hours session, Luke managed to pull $2,000 from donations. An addition of 6,000 subscribers. Damages include a pair of broken headphones and shoulder pain (Both from allegedly dabbing too hard).

Throughout the session, Luke calculated that for every hour that passed. The character would do approximately 7,200 dabs. Which means for 10 hours, a staggering 72,000 dabs were executed. More or less a couple due to animation hiccups in-between. Once again, just like the feast itself, it’s not a number that I can easily conjure and comprehend in my head.

Anyone who stumbled upon the special stream can donate directly to Luke. Join him in the lobby and dab along, or just talk and cheer him along to pass the time. The largest donation made to the cause was done by Kevgamer99, who donated $225. For ten hours, 300 more viewers deposited their own donations. At the end of the day, Luke had profited $2,000.


It wouldn’t be that great of a story if there wasn’t the bonus detail of what Luke did with all of the money he got. Well, the lad passed it along to others. After getting $2,000, Luke went through the list of active streamers on YouTube Gaming and surprised people here and there with a few hundred dollars.

And what was the words of our hero following his accomplishment?

“Please don’t do this, if you do this correctly, at the end, literally nothing happens. I just really don’t wanna hear about any of you guys messing yourself up trying to do what I did. You could get hurt.”