Michael Grzesiek or so-called 'Shroud' in the gaming community is known for belonging to the top Twitch PUBG streamer's board. Thus, often he would gather many stream snipers to his side, but on the other hand, these are not the type of stream snipers that you think of. 

Who are the stream snipers?

To explain this matter, first, you would need to understand the concept of Stream Sniper. Follow the definitions of Urban Dictionary, we could summarize that a Stream sniper is someone that actively watching/ following a streamer's streaming session to gather intel and get a 'cheat' over the streamer. For example, a stream sniper could pinpoint the streamer's location on the open-world map, attack in time of low heath or even raid the base of the streamer.

Keep On Winning In Pubg The Stream Snipers Are Act

In short, stream snipers are really a huge problem for professional streamers, more so in the Fortnite and PUGB because those are battle royale games where one's location is a piece of very vital information.

But in the case of Shroud, instead of being a negative force, the stream snipers have become a kind of fun for Shroud's viewers - they support Shroud by providing him with ammo and weapons, they sing songs and even help promote Shroud's PUBG skins.

How did Shroud's story start?

It was a while ago on a new update of a testing PUBG server, Shroud has had his most amazing moment with his beloved stream snipers yet. Back then, after being dropped in by the plane, the stream snipers host immediately surrounded and protected Shroud at all costs. Any enemy dared to attempt getting close to Shroud will be punished by the legion of stream snipers, who will do anything for their master.  They didn't finish there either,  after the initial they continued to follow and assisting Shroud until the end of the game.

Keep On Winning In Pubg The Stream Snipers Are Act
Shroud's PUBG Game

Even though stream snipping isn't a much popular concept, and battle royale games like Fornite and PUBG even went to the point of banning sentenced stream snipers. But for the case of Shroud, his stream snipers are totally different, and he is of course quite fond of them as well.