The game Magic: The Gathering seems to be making its way to esports by taking a special way: this card game which is 25 years old is planning on revamping its own competitive circuit as well as starting the year 2019 with its own professional league with the prize pool up to 10.000.000 dollars across tabletop Magic and Magic: The Gathering Arena.

"There's a $10 million prize pool up for grabs in 2019 across digital and tabletop Magic, which is more than double 2018. The new system provides lucrative opportunities for pros, players, sponsors, and esports partners," expressed Magic.

Magic professional league

From what we know, the Magic Professional League is featuring "32 of Magic's top-ranked players from around the world who are each offered player and streamer contracts with a combined worth of $75,000." There still hasn’t been any information about the players yet. However, soon, there will be some information via the player profiles you can find on the official website of this eSport.

In the league, competitors will compete with each other in competitive, seasonal match-ups held every week on Magic: The Gathering Arena. Moreover, when it comes to tournaments on Mythic-level, they will be held in both tabletop and MTG Arena. Those Mythic-level ones, which used to be called Professional Tours, are "high prize pool, high drama events in both MTG Arena and tabletop."

"You'll be able to qualify for MTG Arena Mythic Championships by playing MTG Arena at home. Then test your skills against the stars in the Magic Pro League to claim your share of prizes and glory," explained Magic. Each of the Mythic Championships is offering $500 thousand in the prize pools. Moreover, the so far officially announced schedule is on the official website of Magic.

Mythic Championships

The Magic Invitational, which will become the first ever grand event of 2019, will be held at some point in the last week of March. Professional players as well as "challengers from the Magic community" are going to be battling to get their own share of 1.000.000 dollars at the Penny Arcade Expo East at the beginning of 2019. Further information on the event, which includes how to be qualified enough to join, will be revealed in January next year.

Moreover, Magic said that "a significant prize pool [has been] set aside to partner with independent organizers." Particularly, the tabletop game Grand Prix circuit is offering a prize pool of 2.500.000 dollars, along with some partner events, including those especially for Magic: The Gathering Arena will be introduced in 2019.

Lastly, Magic: The Gathering's year is planned to culminate in a World Championship "featuring the most accomplished Magic players of the year across MTG Arena and tabletop."