Organization's decision

OG’s offlaner Sebastian ‘Ceb’ Debs recently got involved in a scandal about the racist remark in a pub Dota 2 game.

After the match, players in that game made a public thread on Reddit revealing the situation around the story.

Og Ceb Racist
Ceb made a public racist remark in a casual Dota 2 game

Ceb then made an official allegation to correct the whole story and proposed a sincere apology to the community. However, Alexei "Solo" Berezin could not let it go so lightly.

The Russian captain for Dota 2 team Virtus Pro made another public statement to inquire actions from Valve regarding such a severe matter.

Og Ceb Racist 01
Solo could not let it go so lightly

Solo also threatened to abandon the EPICENTER major if Valve failed to take actions against racism.

Official punishment

The case seemed to fall into oblivion for quite a time until now, OG has made a public decision about Ceb’s punishment.

Seb (Sebastian or Ceb) will give up all the gains he might earn at the Epicenter Major to a charity of his choice that will be made public. In addition to that, we fined him the equivalent of his monthly salary. He also guarantees that such situation shall never occur again on pain of a stronger punishment.

OG also noted that they wanted to take time to carefully investigate the whole situation before finally making the mentioned decision. They strongly disapproved his action in the match, and decided to deliver a penalty accordingly.

Og Ceb Racist 02
One showmatch to display a good spirit for the game after the scandal

Currently, OG is in talks with to arrange a showmatch between the two teams to make up for the distress and inconvenience Ceb caused to the community. They said this would be a friendly showmatch which would take place in EPICENTER as a display of love for the game and community.

Reactions from Solo

Solo agreed in his Tweet:

To show our fans that we’ve left this matter behind we’ve reached a principle agreement with OG that we’ll try our best to play a friendly show match at upcoming Epicenter. The final execution will be pending organizational matters, but I hope we’ll be able to do it.

Stay tuned to watch out for more in the upcoming EPICENTER.