Mining constitutes one of the gathering talents available in OSRS; this implies that you are out in the world gathering materials, most often ores. These ores can often be traded on the Grand Exchange, and given that you didn't have to spend any money to get them, the gold you gain will be substantial.

In this Old School RuneScape (OSRS) Mining guide, we will discuss a variety of approaches to raising your Mining skill. These approaches will include the quickest, most AFK-able ways.

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Starting With Quests

Because it takes so much longer to get experience in mining at lower levels, we begin our adventure by completing a few quests. This is the primary reason for this decision. If you complete the two missions listed below, you will immediately advance to level 32, which will allow you to bypass several of the more time-consuming mining techniques.

Doric’s Quest: Go north of Falador and talk to him. However, we recommend that before beginning Doric's Quest, you gather a few of the supplies that will be needed during the quest; doing so will save you some time while you are completing it: 6 clay (not the soft kind) 4 copper ore, as well as two iron ore.

Digsite: This is a fairly long quest, but the rewards you can reap with this are basically irreplaceable. You’ll end up with at least 15,000+ Mining XP. Not bad at all.

Mining Iron Ore in Old School Runescape is one of the most efficient ways to quickly advance your Mining level. To further enhance the amount of experience you get every hour, you should always make sure that you are utilizing the Dragon Pickaxe particular ability, wearing the highest level Mining Gloves, and always making sure that you are wearing your Varrock Armor.

If you want to make the most progress possible toward your next level as fast as possible, you should stop mining all of the ores. Even if this will prevent you from generating any OSRS gold in the future, the time that you save right now may be used in the future to invest in ways that are both more efficient and more lucrative.

Once you have reached level 60 in Mining, our team recommends moving to the place with the three rocks in the Mining Guild. This is due to the fact that just being a member of the Mining Guild grants an additional seven Mining Levels, making it possible for you to complete tasks even more quickly.

Best AFK Methods

In order to mine rune essence, you must first complete the quest known as "Rune Mysteries." This low-level technique offers a straightforward entry point into the Runecrafting profession as well as some highly AFK-able experience opportunities.

It isn't suggested for higher levels because of the poor experience rates, but if you're just starting out, it's as easy as clicking once and then waiting for the inventory to fill up after waiting for five minutes!

Mining within the Motherload Mine seems a common method for getting to level 99 Mining due to the fact that it is quite untroublesome and does not need you to worry about too much. When compared to the prior way of mining granite using three ticks, the experience rates in Motherload Mine remain much lower. You may anticipate an experience gain rate of around 20,000 XP per hour, which will increase to 50,000 XP per hour at significantly greater levels.

The highest level of this Motherload Mine may be unlocked at level 72 for the cost of one hundred Golden Nuggets. It is advisable to save up for this since the techniques of mining there have become even more suitable for AFK play than they were before.

The Volcanic Mine is a cooperative activity that awards more experience points each hour. Because of the lesser XP rates at lower levels, it is suggested to begin using this approach sometime around level 70, despite the fact that it may be unlocked as early as level 50.

You are able to earn around 90000 XP every hour with a respectable squad. Some users even create secondary accounts in order to aid in increasing their experience gain rates to more than 100,000 XP per hour.