A few days ago, the eXTREMESLAND Asia CS:GO 2018 has dismissed the India team OpTic from the finals after forsaken, one of the team members has been caught using cheat in a recent match. It was the finals’ spectators who realized a conscious problem in that match of OpTic India versus Vietnamese team Revolution when a pause happened with no reason given out apparently, according to a report of Dexerto.

More than twenty minutes were gone by in the pause of the match before the exTREMESLAND’s officials confirmed that they have discovered hacks on OpTic India member’s PC, which is Nikhil ‘forsaken’ Kumawat’s one. Immediately, the match was ended with a free win given to the team Revolution and for OpTic India, an instant dismissal from the finals.

Nikhil ‘forsaken’ Kumawat

CSGO2Asia reported that the discovery of Kumawat’s cheating was taken the officials a long time coming to the decision since the professional player didn’t follow their order to let them check his PC. Moreover, when being asked to press alt-tab existing the game to the desktop, Kumawat then even closed a background running program on his PC and deleted it, all in front of the officials’ watch.

In fact, Kumawat actually has been caught cheating before. Back in 2017, he was banned by the ESL India from participating the ESL tournaments for 2 years due to owning an account which is VAC-banned named “rektmao”. Kumawat denied the accusation of using the account and cheating by saying it was sold before. However, eventually, his action didn’t follow ESL’s rules as well as terms of service of Valve stated that selling, transferring Steam account and letting someone else play on the same one is prohibited. SemperX, the team that Kumawat was playing in at that moment, obviously was dismissed from the tournament.