After getting a large number of donations, streamer Mizkif has done an interesting thing when shaving his eyebrows following the request of his chat’s members.

This event occurred on January 14 while he was streaming. He received a large number of donations from his chat's members and a request to shave the eyebrows. Then he was forced to shave the eyebrows by an electric trimmer.

Twitch Streamer Mizkif Shaves Eyebrows Hair Donati
Twitch Streamer Mizkif grabs electric trimmer to shave his eyebrows and hair as requested by his chat's members

However, not stopping at shaving his eyebrows, Mizkif also continued to shave his hair later by a razor. He said in his streaming video that he decided to do such these things in order to carry out a “full egg transformation”.

Then after completing his “full egg transformation” like what he said, he proudly announced to the members that his new look reflected his real version in fact. “We just went full egg-mode for the first time. This is real me chat, this is the real me,” said he in the chat.

He showed his new hair look

“You’re experiencing me in the flesh - maybe to much flesh, I think I fucked up in the back. This is the beginning. You can’t see how excited I am because I can’t move my eyebrows, but damn I feel good.” he shared his excitement after completing a funny shaving request of his chat’s members on Monday.

For further information, not only has Twitch received huge donations, but many other game streamers have also got for themselves a large number of donations when streaming in this recent week.

For instance, streamer Exotic Chaotic got a donation of US$75,000 on January 10. A day later, Runescape streamer Sick Nerd got a BitCoin donation worth US$73,000.

Fortnite Insane 75k Donation
Fortnite streamer Exotic Chaotic received a record $75,000 donation on stream

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