It has been approximately one full month ever since Apex Legends was officially released. The game is making its way and catching up with the other game in the battle royales genre. And now, Apex Legends has just taken one step closer to them by start using a new system with the battle pass. With this new system, its players are now able to unlock new and unique rewards in every season.

Respawn Entertainment revealed, not very long after the game being released last month, the 2019 version of the roadmap for the game Apex Legends. This roadmap was a preview of the seasons in the game, which is four in total, as well as the rewards players may get during the year. The very first season is going to begin this March. Each and every season of the game is planned to last for about three months. Furthermore, each of the season will offer players their own rewards to the players of Apex Legends.

According to what we gathered on the page of Apex Legends for frequently asked, contained in the battle pass will be Apex packs and seasonal cosmetics. However, one notice that players will not be capable of unlocking new Legends in the game once they purchased the battle pass.

The battle pass will limit the unlockable items for players in normal play, which means there will be items that players cannot unlock anymore because of the battle pass. However, the battle pass, on the other hand, gives players the chance to get all the seasonal rewards, about 100 unique items, throughout the whole season. You will be able to keep everything you have collected during a season once it ends. Hence, the battle pass is really worth purchasing.

There is still no exact information about the release date of this event, or the cost of a battle pass. But with the first season being intended to start at some point in March, you will probably not need to wait for too long.