So after the long waiting of more than five long years, the popular e-sports competition on the worldwide scale  World Cyber Games (WCG) will make its comeback with the 15th edition.

How did this e-sport competition begin?

All of this has begun back in October of 2000. Back then, it still has the name ‘WCG Challenge’ that feature many stalwarts game such as StarCraft: Brood War, Unreal Tournament and Quake III Arena.

That very first event was pretty modest. It featured only 200 players from 17 countries. Now it is a huge event with more than 600 players from 70 countries and many sub-tournaments.

What You Need To Know To Participate In World Cybe

With the growth in scope and player base, the selection of game has grown as well. With the 2013 edition, WCG has had everything from Halo 3 to Guitar Hero and even CS 1.6. Hence, with that huge library of e-sports game, WCG has become a go-to destination for many e-sport fans.

But then WCG closed its doors in 2014 despite all of its importance and success. During the following years, various groups have made many attempts to bring back this popular tournament. All of them have failed until now.

World Cyber Games returns 

Until this year, they have successfully resurrected this event. And it has been confirmed with the announcement of WCG 2019 to be held from 18th to 21st of July.

After going through many locations over the years, WCG 2019 will take place in Xi’an, China and will be held with the cooperation from Xi’an People’s Government.

While the 2013 version of WCG featured 9 games, the 2019 edition will be a little slimmer with a collection of 6 games:

What You Need To Know To Participate In World Cybe

  • CrossFire
  • Clash Royale
  • Dota 2
  • Warcraft III: Thr Frozen Throne
  • Honor of Kings
  • Clash Royale

How to register for the World Cyber Games

So this tournament is not excluded for only big-name professionals, but then, there was already some open qualifiers session for each game. Those have started on the 11th of March and go through to 26th of March.

You could sign up for the National Qualifiers in APAC, the US, China, and Europe via the official website of WCG.

You can sign up for the National Qualifiers taking place in the Americas, APAC, Europe, and China through the official WCG website.

Then the Regional round will be held in April, and its finals in May. Finally, the Grand Final will be on the 18th - 21st of July.