Nowadays, esports is a fast-growing and changing business. While many top-level esports players age and retire, lots of young new talents are eager to enter the scene. Then, what option is available for esports retirees and how can the market accept new talents? Well, the ex-captain of Natus Vincere CS:GO squad has the answer.

Coaching Position Esports 01
A familiar face in the CS:GO scene, Zeus is looking to build up the CS:GO scene in CIS region

Recently, after parting ways with the CIS esports giant Natus Vincere, the legendary captain Danylo "Zeus" Teslenko has pursued his new path as a coach. Together with his longtime friends Mykhailo "Kane" Blagin and Arsenij "ceh9" Trynozhenko, Zeus has officially joined pro100 – a CIS CS:GO organization founded by Zeus himself and run by another Russian CEO.

Taking the back seat

Coaching Position Esports 02
Kane has been through ups and downs with Zeus for a long time, even during their short stint with Gambit

The trio has become a part of pro100 as a coaching position. Among the three, Kane will take a key position in the pro100 Academy project as the main coach. Meanwhile, Zeus and ceh9 will help in recruiting up and coming talents for the roster. Recently, Natus Vincere has also announced their Academy project with Natus Vincere Junior. The project has recruited 10 most suitable players and picked out 5 players to form the Natus Vincere Junior team.

Coaching Position Esports 04
Natus Vincere also has its own Junior project

It is highly likely that the pro100 organization will follow the path, recruiting new and young faces instead of prevailing veterans in the region. The CIS region has fallen out of competition in the top level of CS:GO recently with only Natus Vincere and AVANGAR being relevant in the scene. With years of captain experience, Zeus will prove to be a great asset in scooping new talents.

From the new players’ perspective, this will come as a great opportunity for rising talents in the CIS region. They will have a much better chance of getting recognized and entering the top-tier CS:GO scene.

Coaching Position Esports 06
Scooping new and promising talents will be a great way to develop the esports scene in a region

As of now, the primary way of recruiting is through online tournaments. The top-performing talents will get a better opportunity to be a part of pro100 Academy lineup.