Global Esports is now a giant in the domestic scene in India. Fielding 9 rosters across 7 esports, the organization has reached the top level of esports in India. With its high influence on the scene, Global Esports looks to build up esports as a profession in India. With the already big scene in the country, will esports become an official business just like traditional sports such as cricket or football?

Global Esports Degree 02
Global Esports has established a tie to Harrisburg University

We have recently heard the news about Esports degrees in colleges in the US and UK. It is the scheme to train students into esports experts with a specific curriculum and career guidance. Will we soon be able to choose esports as a professional once we reach colleges right in India? Much to our surprise, Indians will very likely have the chance to go for the program much earlier than what we expected.

Global Esports Degree 03
We will soon have the chance to graduate as an esports expert

A partnership built on making esports a profession in India

Global Esports has recently announced its partnership with Harrisburg University in the USA to bring esports programs to India and even to the rest of Asia. With help from the USA university in creating a curriculum, giving lectures, and other various aspects of esports, Global Esports aims to make esports degree comes true in India.

Global Esports Degree 04
Global Esports has facilitated Overwatch Indian Team in the upcoming Overwatch World Cup

As a part of the partnership, Team India will make it to Harrisburg University and join a friendly show match against them before the Overwatch World Cup. This will strengthen the partnership between both parties while Harrisburg University can also help Team India to prepare for the upcoming event with boot camp and training.

Global Esports Degree 06
Will esports grow further in India with this?

Global Esports also expressed their intention of reaching North America for more help in esports. Harrisburg University is the perfect choice as their first partner from the West. In return, Global Esports will also help Harrisburg University scout talents by hosting esports tournaments.