On Wednesday, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology announced to ban PUBG Mobile alongside another 117 apps in India. PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular mobile games in India with millions of players in the country. But now, the game will soon be removed from the App Store and Play Store in India. Despite the popularity of the game, there are certain things you may not know about it.

pubg mobile
The mobile version is more popular than the PC version

1. PUBG Mobile is more popular than PUBG PC

In 2019, The Esports Observer reported that PUBG Mobile had about 400 million players, 50 million of whom were daily active players. On the other hand, PUBG PC has about 8 lakh daily active players.

2. PUBG Mobile got the most downloads from India

Sensor Tower revealed that the highest download number of this mobile title is in India. It was reportedly downloaded 175 million times in the country. Meanwhile, a new report said that before PUBG Mobile was banned, it already got over 200 million downloads in India.

3. PUBG Mobile TV Ad

This is the only mobile game to have ever telecasted its ad on Indian television. Its TV ad is 27 seconds long, shown on various Indian channels.

4. The reason behind the name PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

In fact, Play Unknown is the gaming tag of PUBG’s developer, Brendan Greene. Besides, as the concept of the game is huge battlegrounds, he decided to add ‘Battlegrounds’ to the name.

5. The back story of PUBG

PUBG’s back story was released on its official YouTube channel, with different backstories for different seasons.

6. PUBG Mobile has its own web-series

The game was so popular in India that there is a web-series about it, titled Dosti Ka Naya Maidan. The series is available on the official YouTube channel of PUBG Mobile India.

pubg mobile
PUBG Mobile has its own web series

7. PUBG Mobile’s developer is Tencent Games

Korea-based PUBG Corporation developed the PC version but Chinese company Tencent Games saw how popular the franchise was, reached out to PUBG Corporation, and developed the mobile version. Tencent Games holds the majority control of PUBG Mobile.

8. Why the first map was named Erangel

This is not only the first but also the main map of PUBG Mobile. The map was actually named after Brendan Greene’s daughter, Eryn, who the developer also calls an angel. Erangel is the combination of these two words.

Pubg Mobile
The map of Erangel

9. What real-world places the game includes

There are many fictitious locations in the game, but it features many places from the real world as well, such as the School that’s from Chernobyl, Russia. Another example is the Shelter, which is abandoned nuclear weapon storage in Ukraine.

10. Bots

PUBG Mobile comes with many AI bots designed to help new player boost their confidence. Until level 10, players will mostly play with bots only and will gradually play with more real players as they gain more experience.


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