After India officially banned the widely popular PUBG Mobile game along with 118 apps with Chinese origins, fans of chicken dinners have been looking for an alternative to sate their hunger. And just days after the ban was announced, an Indian startup called nCore Games is developing an alternative called FAU-G: Fearless And United Guards.

FAU-G Akshay Kumar PUBG Replacement Fake Or Not

According to the company, their new game will be a "new multiplayer mid-core" shooter that will incorporate sceneries and situations at the Galwan River at the India-China border, where the tensions and fighting have erupted lately.

On the surface, it sounds like PUBG Mobile fans in India will soon have a patriotic option to migrate to that can give a similar Battle Royale experience. But there are a lot of problems with this so-called PUBG replacement that claims to support the "AtmaNirbhar movement" which we cannot ignore.

FAU-G Akshay Kumar PUBG Replacement Fake Or Not

In fact, there are many clues pointing to this sudden announcement being an opportunistic ploy taking advantage of the disappointment of PUBG Mobile fans, and not delivering on what it is promising. Here are the main reasons why you should not give this your attention:

1. FAU-G Poster/Concept Art is Taken From the US

The poster photo which is often shown on social media, first posted on Twitter by Akshay Kumar, has nothing with the game itself. It is a slightly modified version of a stock photo of US soldiers which you can easily find on the internet. It has also been used as an image on several articles that predate this FAU-G game.

FAU-G Akshay Kumar PUBG Replacement Fake Or Not

If the so-called PUBG replacement does not even have its own poster, it means the concept itself is not even finalized. The fact that a game that doesn't have its own poster gets announced soon after PUBG was banned to take advantage of the situation should raise red flags.

2. Name and Idea are Still Ripped From Chinese-Made PUBG Mobile

Let's face it, there's nothing original about the name FAU-G which clearly plays off the name PUBG Mobile just to get fans to support it. If the game is supposed to be an authentic Indian alternative, the developers can come up with something interesting instead of being a rip-off, whose unoriginal acronym comes out of a silly title like "Fearless And United Guards".

3. Why is A Self-Reliant Game Developed With Canadian Funding?

As we know, the game is announced on Akshay Kumar's Twitter account as "supporting PM @narendramodi’s AtmaNirbhar movement", but how is making a game with funding from Canada a self-reliant move? Taking money from Akshay Kumar who is now a Canadian citizen doesn't help with the self-reliant, patriotic message.

4. Conclusion: Don't Fau-ll For the New 'PUBG Replacement'

It is a good thing if India can develop its own products and games that are high-quality, but it doesn't mean we should support shady projects like FAU-G that only exist to exploit the feelings of PUBG Mobile fans who are looking for something to replace their favorite game.

Fans can wait for situations to get better or move on to other alternatives that are worth your time and money. And instead of waiting for a game which will never come, check out this list of games similar to PUBG Mobile for good Battle Royale games you can now finally give a try to ease the PUBG pain.

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