The news that over a hundred mobile apps of Chinese origins were banned by the Indian government, among them the most popular gaming app in India, PUBG Mobile, was quite a surprise for many. Although a lot of Battle Royale fans will feel extremely let down, their parents can't possibly be happier with the news.

Ye PUBG Wala Hai Kya Meme PM Modi PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has become associated with numerous anti-social behaviors that have even led to tragedies, because of how addictive it has become for Indian youths who always have to have one more 'chicken dinner'. Since the ban, a lot of memes and jokes, especially those that had to do with parents and players reacting to the news, have spread all over the internet.

One of the older videos from last year of PM Modi asking "ye PUBG wala hai kya" has been picked up again to express the appropriateness of the situation. When a parent was complaining with the PM about how her son has become inseparable from video gaming on Pariksha Pe Charcha 2.0, the PM didn't take long to ask her "Ye Pubg wala hai kya?" (Is this about PUBG?).

It happened during a Pariksha Pe Charcha 2.0 session between Modi and several parents before the exam period in the first month in 2019. There's usually an audience of teachers, parents, and students themselves, with whom the PM interacted and answered questions.

One of the mothers was talking about a prevalent issue she and thousands of Indian mothers had, that of video gaming addiction. Although she didn't have to specify which game her son couldn't stop playing, the PM was quick to ask if it was the number one culprit that got so many hooked on their phones like an inseparable body part.

His quip led to laughter then, and it has the same humorous effect now after the game actually gets banned, even if it was over unrelated political issues. The border tensions in the north between India and China have led to the government banning PUBG among many others.

According to the Ministry of Electronics and Information and Technology, they were banned over "activities prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, the security of the state and public order".

Ye PUBG Wala Hai Kya Meme PM Modi PUBG Mobile

Regardless of the official reason, many people, especially parents, are a lot more relieved over the fact that PUBG Mobile-related tragedies and horror stories will at least die down. Just in July, a boy suicided over losing. Several stories of youths killing people close to them like family members have been reported. Some have become mentally psychotic over losing in the game, etc.

While the current situation and the video combined are indeed funny, it's unlikely in the long run things like addiction and anti-social behavior can be fixed by banning PUBG Mobile. Addiction, as we know, always starts from within, so parents still need to watch out for their children for anything else that distracts them in a harmful way.

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