The latest ban on PUBG Mobile among over one hundred other mobile apps of Chinese origins has elicited a furious response from the Global Times, a China-backed newspaper known for making bombastic statements. The paper has called the Indian government's decision "self-defeating".

Chinese Newspaper India PUBG Mobile Ban

According to an article on the paper's website, India has been trying to "align with the US-led strategy", the strategy of US President Donald Trump that has become very aggressive towards China even before the COVID-19 pandemic began spreading around the world.

It then says: "Observers also deem Modi administration's latest ban on Chinese app as a signal that the South Asian country is pushing up decoupling with China, so as to "please" Washington which has been undertaking an all-rounded decoupling with Beijing in fields ranging from trade and technology to finance and personal communication."

Chinese Newspaper India PUBG Mobile Ban

The paper also claims that "the investment from the US is unlikely to make up for Chinese investment, and New Delhi, with a flagging economy under the fallout of pandemic outbreak, cannot afford the cost of an economic decoupling with Beijing."

Why These Comments From Global Times are Wrong About India Banning PUBG Mobile

Of course, it makes sense that China accuses India of trying to side with the US while downplaying the seriousness of intruding on Indian borders that caused the latest tensions. If the same were done to China, obviously it would not let things slide.

Chinese Newspaper India PUBG Mobile Ban

Besides, this would give an opportunity for Indian tech companies to step up and fill in the gap. Companies like Jio can begin to make apps that can cater to local needs and have a chance to grow, instead of relying on Chinese apps all the time. Just like China locking out Facebook and Google allowed it to make its own similar services and apps.

So India is simply doing what China would do and had done in similar contexts. The critical comments coming from the Chinese state paper are just trying to deflect the blame on India for making its own decisions, which is what China always claims as a necessary principle, and it is the right of any nation to do so.

Although the current ban on PUBG Mobile and other favorite apps is a sad thing for many gamers, there are ways to get around it like playing the Korean version of the game or using VPNs. And in the future, there will be ways to resolve the tensions which could rescind the ban. Meanwhile, there are many games similar to PUBG Mobile you can now give a try, or even migrate to completely!

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