Free Fire features a huge collection of weapons of all kinds. Each type of weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses in combats.

Handguns are the most underrated type of weapon in Free Fire. Many people only use Primary weapons such as ARs, SMGs, and SRs, not even boring picking up a Handgun. In fact, Handguns are really useful in a lot of situations but many players don't know that.

In this article, we will show you the top 3 reasons why you should always pick up a Handgun in Free Fire,

1. Save your primary ammo

You can use a Handgun to finish off an enemy who is already down instead of using your Primary weapons. Also, sometimes when you are facing an enemy and your Primary weapon is out of bullets, it is better to pull out your Handgun instead of running away for trying to reload your weapon.

Jump Shot
You can finish off an enemy with your handgun

2. Utility items alternative

You can use TreatmentGun to quickly heal your teammates and save up Med Kit and Inhaler. When you need to make a long run in an open space, you can use the Ice Gun to create a moving Ice Wall. While this wall doesn't have as much HP as the Gloo Wall, it can move and serves great as a temporary cover to rush or run.

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You can use TreatmentGun to quickly heal your teammates

The Hand Cannon is also a great alternative to grenades to blow up a room with enemies inside.

3. Keeping your back safe while running

Normally, when running, you would hold a melee weapon to increase your movement speed. Instead, you can hold your Handgun while running instead. This way, your melee weapon will serve as a small shield behind your back because it can block bullets.

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A pan can block some bullets for you from the back

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