KARDS, a digital strategy free-of-charge game, has proved that playing cards can be an exciting adventure transferring you on the World War II battlefield, where you need to take command and participate in combat on grounds, seas, or air.

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The game combines a standard CCG (Collectible Card Game) and innovative mechanics inspired by battlefield tactics.

When you play and challenge other players at warfare, you have at your disposal military Units, and Orders, which build up your card deck. Therefore, to fully explore the game, you need a powerful card collection that will represent your strategy and build up your position on the field.

In order to build up a stellar deck in KARDS, you need well-thought-out and strategically combined cards. You can get cards individually, but the quicker method is to get them in card packs, like Officer Packs, Base Packs, or Breakthrough Officer Packs.

Truth be told, the more cards you have, the better flexibility you have to build up the deck you want. Therefore, how to get card packs in KARDS?

1. MillionPugs way

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MillionPugs is a start-up offering in-game content for your favorite games in exchange for rewards points called pugs™, or credits.

The best part of using MillionPugs is that you probably don't have to make an extra effort to get points, as you collect them by shopping online in the most popular stores.

How do you collect rewards points in MillionPugs?

Once you make a purchase at one of the listed stores, you can activate deals with pugs™ and, after you finalize the transaction, you will see a certain number of points added to your MillionPugs account.

Additionally, MillionPugs has also started to grant additional credits for every transaction you make to speed up the process of collecting in-game items you need to up your game.

Consequently, for every order you finalize at any of the affiliated stores, you get both pugs™ and credits, which you can use to purchase KARDS items, such as:

  • Lighter and Base Pack with cards from the five primary nations,
  • Breakthrough Officer Packs with cards from the five primary nations and the two ally nations,
  • World at War - Battle of Britain set with 7 new unique cards, 18 cards in total for your set.

The list of in-game content you can get evolves as MillionPugs is still expanding.

Fresh content, new games, and new affiliated stores are constantly added to the list, so it is worthwhile to keep up with the latest changes.

How to use the MillionPugs service?

To start using MillionPugs, all you need to do is to create an account and start activating deals.

The optimal way to use the service, though, is to install the MillionPugs browser extension that will automatically send you a notification about available pugs™ deals every time you land on any of the affiliated stores.

Consequently, using the MillionPugs browser extension prevents you from missing out on any opportunity of increasing the number of pugs™ in your wallet, but also saves time you would have to devote on browsing the offers on the MillionPugs site.

2. Using gold to purchase card packs

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Another way of getting card packs in KARDS is using gold, which is in-game currency.

Gold can be earned by multiple in-game actions, such as:

  • as a reward for achievements,
  • completing daily missions,
  • winning games.

Once you collect a sufficient amount of gold, you can simply go to the Shop, click on “Expansion” and purchase Base, or Breakthrough Pack with gold.

For example, to purchase a Base Pack, you need 10 gold, and to purchase Breakthrough you need 30 gold.

3. Purchase card packs with real money

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Last but not least, KARDS allows players to purchase Card Packs for real money.

The option of buying card packs may seem costly in the long-run and not everybody will be in favor of spending their savings on in-game items. However, if you need a quick boost of cards, purchasing card packs as a one-off booster is an effective and easy way of upgrading your card collection.

All in all, building up a top-notch deck is the essence of KARDS and card packs can equip you with a package of valuable cards that can increase your deck strength.

You can get them in an effortless way using the MillionPugs browser extension, but you can also purchase it for real money, or exchange in-game gold and get yourself a Base or a Breakthrough Pack.